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Zapco Z-BR Mosconi Bluetooth Module 3.0 Mosconi SP-DIF
Zapco Z-BR Bass Remote
Our Price: £22.99
Mosconi SP-DIF
Our Price: £99.00
Zapco remote bass control It allows to connect the DSP to the personal computer via Bluetooth, wireless. SP‐DIF optional board for DSP-6to8
Mosconi Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module for D2 100.4DSP Amplifier Mosconi AMAS2 Mosconi DSP RCD Mini
Mosconi DSP Mini-RCD
Our Price: £129.00
Bluetooth module for high quality audio streaming, developed
specially in MOS for exclusive use with the product

AMAS 2 is the MOSCONI module for streaming audio via Bluetooth in high resolution.
Supports A2DP. Devices with a profile such as smartphones, music players,pad and tablet connecting via Bluetooth act as a source for the audio system.

Mini remote control for the 6to8, 4to6 DSPs and D2 DSP range of amplifiers
Mosconi SP-DIF Multi Mosconi DSP RCD
Mosconi SP-DIF Multi
Our Price: £149.00
Mosconi DSP RCD
Our Price: £179.00
Multi SP‐DIF optional digital input/output board for DSP-6to8 Remote control display for Mosconi 6to8 and 4to6 DSPs