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Mosconi RTC Zapco Z-BR Mosconi Bluetooth Module
Mosconi RTC
Our Price: £15.00
Zapco Z-BR Bass Remote
Our Price: £22.99
Mosconi Bluetooth Module
Our Price: £50.00
Remote Volume Control for Mosconi ONE line Zapco remote bass control It allows to connect the DSP to the personal computer via Bluetooth, wireless.
Mosconi SP-DIF Mosconi Bluetooth Audio Streaming Module for D2 100.4DSP Amplifier Mosconi DSP RCD Mini
Mosconi SP-DIF
Our Price: £99.00
Mosconi DSP Mini-RCD
Our Price: £109.00
SP‐DIF optional board for DSP-6to8 Bluetooth module for high quality audio streaming, developed
specially in MOS for exclusive use with the product
Mini remote control for the 6to8, 4to6 DSPs and D2 DSP range of amplifiers
Mosconi AMAS2 Mosconi SP-DIF Multi Mosconi DSP RCD
Mosconi SP-DIF Multi
Our Price: £149.00
Mosconi DSP RCD
Our Price: £159.00

AMAS 2 is the MOSCONI module for streaming audio via Bluetooth in high resolution.
Supports A2DP. Devices with a profile such as smartphones, music players,pad and tablet connecting via Bluetooth act as a source for the audio system.

Multi SP‐DIF optional digital input/output board for DSP-6to8 Remote control display for Mosconi 6to8 and 4to6 DSPs
Mosconi AMAS
Advanced Multi Audio Streaming Module for GLADEN DSP 6to8