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Mosconi Gladen DSP 4to6 Helix DSP Mini Mosconi 6to8 pro DSP
Mosconi 4to6 DIF DSP
List Price: £319.99
Our Price: £309.00
Savings: £10.99
Helix DSP Mini 6 channel DSP
Our Price: £324.99
Mosconi 6to8 Pro DSP
Our Price: £419.99
Mosconi 4to6 processor Digital high resolution 6-channel signal processor with 96 kHz / 24 Bit signal path The NEW Mosconi Stand Alone Processor
The Digital Signal Processor with 6 inputs and 8 outputs (up to 8volts!!)
Helix DSP.3 Mosconi 8to12 Pro Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace
Helix DSP.3
Our Price: £449.99
Mosconi 8to12 Pro DSP
List Price: £829.99
Our Price: £589.00
Savings: £240.99
Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace DSP
List Price: £629.99
Our Price: £619.00
Savings: £10.99
Digital 8-channel signal processor Mosconi 8to12 processor The new flagship line DSP from Mosconi, introducing the 6 to 8 Aerospace with 6 channels of input and 8 channels of outputs! Completely redesigned from the ground up, the 6to8 Aerospace has pushed the boundaries of DSP's even further out!
Zapco DSP-Z8 DSP Helix DSP Pro Mk2 Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace
Zapco DSP-Z8 DSP
Our Price: £649.99
Helix DSP Pro Mk2
List Price: £649.99
Our Price: £679.99
Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP
List Price: £829.99
Our Price: £799.99
Savings: £30.00
The DSP-Z8 IV has been a true giant killer. But, as we have always said, and always will say, “We believe we can still do better”. This year we present the Zapco DSP-Z8 IV II and the ADSP-Z8 IV-8 Amplifier. What’s new with the Series IV II? Just about everything, new form, new features, new control... even improved sound quality with a lower noise floor. The sharp new look matching the Black and Copper theme of the AP amplifiers is only the beginning. Digital High-Resolution 10-channel signal processor with 96 kHz / 32 Bit signal path Mosconi 8to12 processor
Helix DSP Ultra
Helix DSP Ultra
List Price: £649.99
Our Price: £1,129.99
The name says it all – the new HELIX DSP ULTRA is anything but another signal processor with just more channels. Rather, it is the next technological milestone that impressively demonstrates Audiotec Fischer's expertise in the field of DSP technology.