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Mosconi Gladen DSP 4to6 Helix DSP Mini Mosconi 6to8 pro DSP
Mosconi 4to6 DIF DSP
List Price: £319.99
Our Price: £309.00
Savings: £10.99
Helix DSP Mini 6 channel DSP
Our Price: £324.99
Mosconi 6to8 Pro DSP
Our Price: £419.99
Mosconi 4to6 processor Digital high resolution 6-channel signal processor with 96 kHz / 24 Bit signal path The NEW Mosconi Stand Alone Processor
The Digital Signal Processor with 6 inputs and 8 outputs (up to 8volts!!)
Helix DSP.3 Mosconi 8to12 Pro Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace
Helix DSP.3
Our Price: £449.99
Mosconi 8to12 Pro DSP
List Price: £829.99
Our Price: £589.00
Savings: £240.99
Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace DSP
List Price: £629.99
Our Price: £619.00
Savings: £10.99
Digital 8-channel signal processor Mosconi 8to12 processor The new flagship line DSP from Mosconi, introducing the 6 to 8 Aerospace with 6 channels of input and 8 channels of outputs! Completely redesigned from the ground up, the 6to8 Aerospace has pushed the boundaries of DSP's even further out!
Zapco DSP-Z8 DSP Helix DSP Pro Mk2 Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace
Zapco DSP-Z8 DSP
Our Price: £649.99
Helix DSP Pro Mk2
List Price: £649.99
Our Price: £679.99
Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace DSP
List Price: £829.99
Our Price: £799.99
Savings: £30.00
The DSP-Z8 IV has been a true giant killer. But, as we have always said, and always will say, “We believe we can still do better”. This year we present the Zapco DSP-Z8 IV II and the ADSP-Z8 IV-8 Amplifier. What’s new with the Series IV II? Just about everything, new form, new features, new control... even improved sound quality with a lower noise floor. The sharp new look matching the Black and Copper theme of the AP amplifiers is only the beginning. Digital High-Resolution 10-channel signal processor with 96 kHz / 32 Bit signal path Mosconi 8to12 processor