Godfather of Sound!

teamSPB thrive on achieving excellence, whether it be making something faster, quicker, louder or cleaner. What started off as a hobby, grew to what we are today; a true enthusiastic and honest company who thrive to fulfil you automotive dreams.

Having been surrounded in the automotive world since birth, it was only normal for me to follow in my fathers footsteps. Although primarily involved in mechanics, I later ventured into the world of modification and car audio. This is where my love cherished for all things automotive.

Having gained qualifications and a degree in automotive engineering, my wealth of knowledge has continued to grow to what it is today. No matter how technical, no matter how simple, here at SPB, I will try to tackle your problems with the upmost confidence.

Through the years, SPB have achieved some wonderful achievements under their name;

  • Project CLS - Mercedes CLS - This 3.0L turbo prestigious car is the latest demo vehicle for the SPB camp! Who in their right mind takes a £40000 car, and removes expensive upgrades like the air suspension, full COMMAND system, and other parts and replaces them with full hydraulics suspension, 20inch Vossen CV7 wheels, Mercedes AMG 8 and 4 pot brakes....we do of course!!
  • Project PD300 – VW Golf MK4 – Most power ARL (VAG diesel engine – PD150), engine in the UK producing 305hp
  • Project TOOO much! – Ford Escort RS Turbo – One of the most extreme Zetec turbo engines built in its time utilizing a Turbonetics turbo and producing over 500hp back in 2006!
  • Project DFN U – Toyota Previa – One of the loudest streetbassing machines in the country, capable of delivering 160db of bass on just music! With a spec list to die for! UK’s loudest Extreme 4 (dB Drag) vehicle at 159db and rising!
  • Project Ford Focus RS – Packing a MANIC 431hp and only set to get wilder! Featuring the VERY rear seats (for a Focus RS mk1) GENUINE Recaro Sportster CS’! Coupled with crazy stance with a set of 9 x 18 Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2′s! A killer SQL sound system and some SERIOUS lows!

Having set the UK audio scene alight in 2011 with our wildest project to date, Project DFN U, aptly named for its number plate, lets see what this year brings as things are set to go a whole lot bigger, louder and faster!!